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Overwatch Pet Resort - Doggie Day Care and Boarding

Why Overwatch Pet Resort?

At Overwatch Pet Resort we have created a beautiful place for your dog to enjoy the day with other dogs in a safe, fun and caring environment. From romping around in the grassy fenced-in field, relaxing on the Doggie Oasis sun deck, to taking a dive from the waterfall into our triple filtered dog pool, the fun is endless and always new! Need a break? Our indoor day care is just as fun, filled with climbing boards and obstacles to keep the pups on their toes and mentally stimulate them from morning to evening! You are sure to get back a happy but very tired dog! Dogs are social animals, and there is no better place to bring them while you are at work, on a family outing, or enjoying a well deserved vacation than Overwatch Pet Resort. Staying overnight? After the pups have had a long and exciting day in daycare, they are able to retreat to a large, indoor/outdoor suite that is climate controlled and private so they can rest up and be ready to play with their puppy pals the following day!

Who is watching the dogs while they play all day?

Our team at Overwatch Pet Resort is one of the most educated, well trained, caring and honest teams that has ever been put together. All of the employees who will be handling your pup have experience and knowledge going beyond that of any boarding facility you have been to before. From our trainers over at K9 Gunner Tactical, we are able to handle any situation with any dog that we may come across. From a loveable French Bulldog named Charlie, to a titled personal protection dog named Andor, we can do it all! Our 24 hour on call veterinarian will be there in case any emergency arises that we cannot handle and we can assure you that your dogs safety and health will be first, just as if it was one of our families dogs. We believe in being a team when it comes to our employees and that team extends to all the dogs we have in training, daycare and boarding. With the mutual understanding, the bond, and the trust we build between us and your dog, we believe that our team work makes the dream work and that is exactly what is waiting for you at Overwatch Pet Resort!

I work everyday, I travel a lot... When can I bring my dog?!

Overwatch Pet Resort is here for you and your furry friend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! We don’t take a vacation so you can! We offer overnight private boarding, doggies daycare, and a mixture between the two for whatever works best for you! From a 1 day stay and play to 7 days overnight we can accommodate any needs you will have!

Doggie Daycare - No Appointment Needed

● Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 7pm
● Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 7pm
(Overnight Resort Boarding - Reservation Required)

● Open Daily for Drop Off’s and Pickup’s - 8am - 5pm

What​ requirements does my dog need to meet?

The requirements for Doggie Day Care are slightly different from Overnight Boarding in which all dogs participating on day care must be spayed or neutered AND go through an evaluation prior to their 1st day. The evaluation is $16 and is a simple 4 hour appointment which we temperament test your dog with other dogs to make sure they are the happy go lucky puppy you already know they are! If they aren’t, we will let you know and we can get them into our overnight boarding where they will still get four(4) 15 minute walks a day and lots of loving from our staff! When your dog passes their evaluation, which we know they will, we ask that you purchase an Overwatch Pet Resort Oasis Collar for them to wear and we will order them a custom, very cool, bright colored velcro name patch to put on their collar so they are always recognizable when running around like the crazy dogs they are!

Other than that, all dogs need to be up to date on their vaccinations which include Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. We ask that the Bordetella vaccination be given at least 14 days prior to their 1st day of daycare or boarding. We don’t like coughing and neither do the dogs!

Vacation is already expensive - Howmuch will this cost me?

Believe us we want to simplify the cost at Overwatch Pet Resort just as much as you do. So this is what we have came up with - however we are just starting out so there will be bumps along the way. We welcome any ideas that could make the ride smoother!

Doggie Day Care

●  Full Day - Up to 12 hours - $26
●  Half Day - Up to 6 hours - $22
●  Evaluation - $16
●  2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th dog - 15% off
●  Unlimited Monthly Oasis Pass - $410
●  Package of 10 Full Days - $250
●  Package of 10 Half Days - $210
●  We will be a cash free daycare - everyone’s credit cards will be ran at the ending of each day so there is no hassle when you pick up or drop off, just a quick hi and bye!

Overnight Resort Boarding

●  $49/night - Includes 4, 15 minute walks
●  Afternoon Pick up (after 12pm) - $38
●  2nd Dog Overnight - $45
●  3rd Dog Overnight - $40
●  Bath - $30
●  Training Session - $95
●  YES WE HAVE ADD ON’S and EXTRA’S if you like - unlike other day care and boarding facilities we are up front and we give your pup needs upfront, but everyone likes a little something extra (treats, hikes, ball play) now and again so we have those too whenever you need them, just ask!

Okay...So what is the ​bottom line​?

Finally! To sum it up we want your dog to come and hang out at Overwatch Pet Resort! We want to see your dog launch into the Oasis pool, take a nap in the sun by the running water, run like an undomesticated dog in the grass and then sleep like a puppy in our overnight suites! All you need to do is email us ​​ or give us a call 908-454-5948, send us over your information, the dogs vaccination records and get in here for the evaluation! After that we hope to see you everyday, or close to it, so that you can live happily knowing that whether you're at work or on a beach your dog is having the ultimate time in a fun, safe, beautiful and caring environment. Overwatch Pet Resort is here for you and your pup - Whatever you need - Boarding or Training, and Whenever You Need - Day or Night!