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Overwatch Pet Resort proudly partners with K9 Gunner Tactical to provide onsite training to our Daycare & Boarding clients
Training is huge in the success of any dog to be well balanced, socialized and happy. We are excited to offer 1:1 private sessions, customized Board & Train programs, as well as training add-on sessions for boarding dogs. K9 Gunner Tactical also oversees the behaviour evaluations and supervises the behaviour happening in the daycare program.
Training Packages
Package of 5 sessions
1-on-1 Individual Sessions with Trainer
$99/1 Hour Session
Group Classes (for adult dogs and puppies) - must have consultation before attending group
(pricing varies - 2 week-5 weeks)
($49/night, $38/day)
Package of 5 sessions
1-on-1 Individual Sessions with Head Trainer
Board and Train Programs
1 on 1
1-on-1 private training sessions with a trainer are a great way to give your pup some individual attention. Many clients use this 60 minute session to work with our experienced trainers on a specific issue they are experiencing like counter surfing, excessive barking, independence, confidence, environmental stability, leash aggression, agility, endurance, etc. Before an individual session is scheduled a 30 minute consultation is required. This allows, you, your pup and your trainer to get to know one another! Your trainer will also use this time to evaluate your dog so that we know what level of training your dog is at and present reasonable expectations as well as goals for you regarding training. Additionally, you should use this time to ask any questions you may have. We want you to feel comfortable with your trainer and know that they have your dog's best interest in mind!
2 weeks
1 week (for young puppies or existing clients only)
5 weeks
4 weeks
3 weeks
Board and Train
The Board & Train is our most effective program. With this service, your dog stays with us at our 26 acre training facility for a specified period of time. We offer 1 week board and train programs for young puppies, or for existing clients that would like to freshen up what they are already learning in their 1:1 sessions. Our minimum Board & Train program for new clients (other than puppies) is 2 weeks, from there we offer 3 weeks, 4 week or 5 week programs. If you are not local to our facility, from out of state or out of the country our minimum board & train program is 3 weeks. During the program your dog will have a private indoor/outdoor suite in one of our luxurious kennels. Initially, we will make assessments and develop a customized training plan for your dog. In addition, our board & train program incorporates all types of practical situations, inside and outside. Your dog will be worked around people, other dogs and in many different environments to increase their confidence and environmentally stability. When you arrive to pick up your dog at the conclusion of the program you will be given 60 minute handler session. During this session you will learn the tools that your dog has been trained with and how to properly handle them. Approximately 2 weeks after your pickup you will be scheduled to come back in for a 60 minute private 1:1 session to address any questions or concerns you have had since the conclusion of the program. Our board & train program is our most popular service, as we get local clients as well as clients from out of state and even out of the country, therefore we tend to book up so call today to make a consultation appointment!

On an average day we start at 6:00am and our last walk is around 8:30pm. Each dog gets a minimum of 3 hours daily of 1-on-1, intense obedience training and/or behaviour modification training). Your dog will also be taken out for 4 walks daily to reinforce the training and socialization that is being worked on.

We pride ourselves on the stimulation and attention we give to each individual dog. We are well versed in training high drive dogs as well as family pets and use many different tools and collars - we believe in using flat collars, prong collars, and e-collars when correctly introduced. We understand that each dog is different and not all dogs respond to training the same way. We rely on clear communication before any pressure is added during training.
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“My dog started to have some issues on walks, barking and lunging at anyone or thing moving. After just a few classes we learned so much and I can now take her anywhere with no problems at all. Brady is very knowledgeable and great with dogs. Not only is my dog becoming more obedient and learning new things, our bond is growing everyday!”
- Christina -
“Recently boarded my almost 7 year pup at the new facility. She had never been board before. Everyone was wonderful to both me and my dog! She did great thanks to the kind and caring professional staff. Definitely will be back and recommend highly.”
- Linda -
“Brady is phenomenal with my pup Tito who is labraheeler rescue from Puerto Rico. He ambitiously interacts with Tito during his training sessions and works on both obedience training as well as fit training to make sure our little man is physically in shape and toned. Book your training with him today, you will not be dissatisfied.”
- Brian -
I boarded my Australian shepherd with the K9GT team for a long weekend and I was extremely pleased with his stay. They go above and beyond to make sure the dogs are properly exercised daily- both physically and mentally. I'm so glad I finally found a place I can trust with my high energy dog and know he isn't sitting in a kennel all day and night! Thanks guys!!
- Amanda -
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